Social Networking in Schools

This past school year I was approached by my union officials concerning my use of Facebook. For the past four years I have added current and past students to my account as “friends”. I am not ashamed of anything i have posted on my facebook profile and do not feel that the material I post is negative towards the education process. I also have used Facebook to correspond with students, students parents, and alum to organize events and such. So when my union officers told me that it was becoming union policy for all members to delete their accounts and unfriend all students at the school, I was saddened and alarmed. What is our fear of using this tool as an education source. Some sites offer the same opinion as I, including this wiki source (Wiki) Our students are more familiar with socializing and communicating with this format than any other form. I found a great article on Edutopia this week that has some informative statistics concerning our students and their use of Social Networking sites such as Facebook. (Article) Should we not embrace new technological trends and then help set examples of use for our students? If anyone has insight on this topic, I would love to hear it!

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Getting to know me….getting to know everything about me.

Hello All,

My name is Carl Newfield and I am currently a high school history teacher at Penn Cambria High School in west central PA. This is my 5th year teaching at the District, and I must say, I love how my job is never the same day to day. Originally I was a History/Poly-Sci major at the Universtiy of Pittsburgh, but after obtaining my degree, my wife, (then fiance), issued the question….”what will you do now”. So I went back to school and got my teaching degree. I do not regret that decision one bit! Aside from teaching, I am also the producer/director of our schools plays and musicals, the assistant marching band director, and the coach to our schools Scholastic Quiz team. I have two beautiful children, Kylee who is 2 and Brenden who is 3 months. I have a new Mastiff puppy named Jaida as well. I am looking forward to “meeting” you all and working together in this course.

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