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I am a high school history teacher in west-central PA. I am also the producer/director of the schools drama plays and musicals, the scholastic quiz team coach, and assistant marching band director. Needless to say...I'm a pretty busy guy.

ED620 Reflections…

So my last post for my class will be mostly of a reflective nature. Overall, I would say that participating in this class was an awesome experience. The resources I gained from our weekly “Website of the Week” posts are … Continue reading

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Educational Dilemma or New Horizons?

Last week I received some interesting comments on my previous blog, this coupled with the newest edition of Webblogged, really has me thinking on what my profession will look like in the next decade. It is my humble opinion that … Continue reading

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The Best Laid plans….

This week’s theme in class seems to be Digital Storytelling, so I wanted to share this anecdote with everyone. Three years ago when our school was first deemed as a “Classrooms for the Future” School, we were introduced to a … Continue reading

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RSS….my Hero!

I enjoyed reading this week’s material concerning RSS feeds. Though I was unfamiliar with many of the provided RSS feed readers, I am very familiar with how life simplifying RSS can be. I have incorporated about 35 RSS feeds into … Continue reading

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Lets set the mood…

I decided to continue with my environment theme that I started with my previous blog post. For this post, I wanted to stress the importance I have in adding music to my classroom environment. I am a strong believer in … Continue reading

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Home Away from Home

I get a lot of compliments on my classroom. It’s not the typical high school classroom, and I’ve worked hard to make it that way. When I started teaching, I tried to make my room look like a carbon copy … Continue reading

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Resistance is Futile…

I was thinking today as I was driving to a meeting on why so many teachers I work with are so hesitant to embrace current technological trends and use technology in their classrooms in facets other than glorified chalkboards and … Continue reading

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