ED620 Reflections…

So my last post for my class will be mostly of a reflective nature. Overall, I would say that participating in this class was an awesome experience. The resources I gained from our weekly “Website of the Week” posts are extremely valuable, many of which I plan on using this upcoming school year. It is great to see how each of us have our “go-to” web tools and resources that we rely on in our profession. The opportunity for each of us to increase our PLN was also benificial and appreciated. The group projects we completed solidified these new contacts and showed new ways for educators who come from different backgrounds, geographical areas, and use different teaching approaches can collaborate and produce meaningful results. Also, the modules provided a great background and information set to create a Final Project that I have already incorporated into my upcoming school year’s curriculum. This class demonstrated what I am trying to achieve in my class, that being the ability to teach real, transferable, usable techniques and results to the students.

It was also great to see that in our small group, many of us have the same concerns, frustrations, attitudes, and feelings towards technology in education and the teaching of 21st century skills. I know I felt many times relieved as I read through the blogs and discussions in our class. Sometimes innovators can be isolated and feel like we are alone on an island. It is great when we can get together and give each other confidence in that we are fighting ” a good fight”.

Finally, this class showed me the power of getting ones ideas out in a consistent way through a blog. I have blogged before, though it was about more personal or political topics, but this was inconsistent and very random. I am going to try very hard to keep this blog current and up to date, as I feel it helps focus my mind on what I believe is important in my career, as well as provide to an audience (however small) what my thoughts are concerning educational trends and the continued importance of technology in schools.


About moriquendi23

I am a high school history teacher in west-central PA. I am also the producer/director of the schools drama plays and musicals, the scholastic quiz team coach, and assistant marching band director. Needless to say...I'm a pretty busy guy.
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One Response to ED620 Reflections…

  1. cupprof says:

    Glad you enjoyed the class, Carl. I enjoyed your work very much! Keep fishin’!
    ~ John

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