Educational Dilemma or New Horizons?

Last week I received some interesting comments on my previous blog, this coupled with the newest edition of Webblogged, really has me thinking on what my profession will look like in the next decade. It is my humble opinion that the parameters under which we define and carryout our profession will drastically change in the next ten years. As I attend seminars and inservice about 21st century learning and using technology in the classroom, a lot of my fellow teaching peers are cynical and skeptic. I have heard many of my colleagues say they believe “all this technology stuff is just another trend”. Something that will go away in time like other educational approaches and trends before. I do not believe this one bit. I know that over the past 50 years, schools have adopted educational plan after educational plan, and follow the expert advice of trendy experts, only to resort back to the model of education that has been in practice since the 18th century….I am the teacher….you are the student, write what I say and take this test.

This approach is now, for real, dying. I can honestly say with certainty that if an educator continues to use this approach in the next decade, his or her students will be at a great disadvantage. 21st century learning and technology enhanced education is a must. Why? Because technology is quickly integrating itself into the very fabric of our lives. Or rather, we are using technology more and more to complete more and more tasks. Just think about today. How many pieces of technology did you use today that wasn’t even around 10 years ago? I can count 8 for myself. Our students are growing up in this climate from day one. My 2 year old daughter knows how to play a show on our DVR, answer my cell phone, and play a few word games on our kindle. Imagine what she will be able to do in another 2 years. Students are becoming more engaged with the world around them with technology, and we as educators must teach them the ethical, responsible, and productive way to do so.

Here is another blog post that supports this line of thinking. I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate here, nor am I trying to start an educational revolution. The truth of the matter is, an educational revolution has already begun, it is our choice now whether to fight it or join it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


About moriquendi23

I am a high school history teacher in west-central PA. I am also the producer/director of the schools drama plays and musicals, the scholastic quiz team coach, and assistant marching band director. Needless to say...I'm a pretty busy guy.
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One Response to Educational Dilemma or New Horizons?

  1. Wendy Engelberg says:

    This reminds me quite a bit of the youtube video “Shift Happens”

    Most of my grad classes were all about incorporating technology. We had a great book (which is also a website) :

    I’m just hoping I can do my part as an educator.

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