RSS….my Hero!

I enjoyed reading this week’s material concerning RSS feeds. Though I was unfamiliar with many of the provided RSS feed readers, I am very familiar with how life simplifying RSS can be. I have incorporated about 35 RSS feeds into my daily schedule, using my iMail to supply the feeds. I have used Google Reader, but find that just attaching the RSS feeds to my mail program on my mac makes things a lot easier. I also have my feeds going to my Blackberry, so I can update myself on the road or away from my computer. What I like best about RSS is that I can quickly browse the day’s World, National, Tech, Local, and Sports news and decide what articles I want to read the entirety of and which ones I can just brush aside. I also follow a few tech and educational blogs using my RSS feed, which is awesome because now I do not have to navigate to the actual website to see if any of the blogs are updated and if they are which ones I want to read.

If you haven’t discovered the simplicity and convenience of RSS yet, I strongly suggest you begin to use it. Most news sources have links that are easily found to subscribe. I guarantee once you start using them, you’ll be hooked like me.


About moriquendi23

I am a high school history teacher in west-central PA. I am also the producer/director of the schools drama plays and musicals, the scholastic quiz team coach, and assistant marching band director. Needless to say...I'm a pretty busy guy.
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One Response to RSS….my Hero!

  1. cupprof says:

    Great post, Carl! I’ve mentioned this on a couple blogs now… the one problem I’ve had to overcome with RSS Feeds and my Google Feed Reader is the fact that sometimes I may go days without checking my feeds. Then when I finally get around to it, I find 100’s, sometimes 1000’s of unread feeds. I then feel inadequate and think I’m slacking… but thankfully there is that little “Mark All as Read” feature and I can start fresh again. With great speed comes quicker frustration….

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